Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Play Flyer

Bob Thomas was kind enough to do the conversion of the pdf to a jpg so here's the flyer! I do hope some of you will be able to attend! Please, if you are coming, remember to rsvp to by Tuesday of next week. I need all the moral support I can get!

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Jim Maddox said...

If you've never read Jack's poetry, I can tell you this; it will kick you in the gut, it will make you squirm and feel uncomfortable. You will know darkness and suffering. At the same time you will know that life is full of wonder, and the simplest things have a glory all their own. For those of you who can attend, I will be envious. For those of you who can't, read a copy of Jack's book. This is how it made me feel.
I read your book, Jack
And you succeeded.
You grabbed me by the hair
And shoved my face
In a bucket of cold water,
And I recoiled,
Gasping for breath.
I lied, Jack.
There isn’t just one poem
That grabbed me.
Not one, but two or three or more
So I couldn’t put it down on Christmas Eve.
I was in that ragged line of march
On that other December’s night
With hail and sleet and cold
Stinging my face
Bowed against the wind,
My feet wrapped in rags
Leaving blood in the snow.
I read your book, Jack,
And I can’t say
I understood them all
Because I’m not that intellectual,
I don’t always grasp
The abstract too well.
But even those
Put pictures in my mind
That I can’t dismiss.
I read your book, Jack,
And I cannot say that I understand
Because I’m not you
But I have a clearer picture now
Dark as it is.
I read your book, Jack
And I saw things
And felt things
I didn’t know were there.
I read your book, Jack
Damn you.