Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fun Being Me...THE PLAY!

Hi everyone, I'm psyched for Saturday and Sunday and hope to see some of you. If you're planning on coming and haven't rsvp'd please do so toot sweet as there are security concerns. An email to my director, Steven, will do the trick. The appropriate email is
I hope to see you all as I blow my lines, vomit on stage, and crawl, weeping from the stage. Or not. This is theater, who knows whats in store. No dull poetry here. Come one, come all, all for a measly five bucks!

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Roux said...

I so wish I could come see your play. Unfortunately for me, I am visiting colleges for virtually the whole weekend. Regardless, I'm sure it will be amazing.

I wanted to thank you again for coming to my school today. Your poems are wonderful and refreshing. You really managed to touch me. We share a lot of ideaologies and views of society, which was really cool. In short, thanks for just being you and sharing it with us.

Roux (of EBHS)