Sunday, July 06, 2008

Reunion and all that

Okay. It was ungodly cool. But it was so cool I need a couple days to think. In the meantime shoutouts to Ruthie Felch, Sheri Wakley, Sheila McGlauglin, Suzy, Linda Lewis, Joyce Murphy, Terri Sergonne, Joyce Hoefers, Karyl Carter, Bruce Zahn, Grant Karsner, Terry Fleming, Chris & Steph DeHart, Jim Combs, oh shit...I'm almost mentioning everyone. Oh, Jill Springer. Don Davis. Jeff Schultz. And more. And more.
We all know it was weird and cool and disorienting but aren't we all better people now? Love you all! More to come! Manana!
Muchas Gracias for the best night!
Barb Conway... You rock babe! Dottie...You too! And Margie...Wow!
Life is but a dream.


Bruce said...

Jack, this is my first response to a blog, so be kind while I write. Yes, we had a great time, too. I vaguely recall going to the 20th reunion, since I was so scared that everyone was all grown up, and I'd be so out of touch with the "adults" who were already working on becoming grandparents before I even had a child! OK, actually, I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't think anyone knew me, and that they'd all bounce me out for being a nerd. As it turns out, the nerds were all there too, and they weren't so bad as I thought. Of course, there were many non-nerds there as well, but they were just as kind. So kudos to the organizers of this awesome undertaking. For me, it was like brushing my teeth with really powerful toothpaste, and left a really clean taste that I'm sure to remember for a good while. Thanks, all (and don't forget to keep brushing)!

Claudia Hayes Hagar said...

know that I was thinking of all of you on that day.
looking forward to hearing more from you about the reunion and determined to come to the next one!
will there be a 39th?
gator love,

Dean said...

Oh yeah, the reunion. It was OK, Jack.

Anonymous said...

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