Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hip Boots and Unhip Guys

Ah, the vagaries of posting on your blog. My dopey attempt at humor has failed miserably. Claudia is peeved and no one is amused. Such are the trials of men. I know my swamp trudging twelve year old self would have been totally enamored of this ad. My grown up 56 year old self is mostly amused that people think hip boots and fishing gear can be sold by hot babes with hardly any clothes on. But I am after all the editor who recommended we put a vintage photo from the 50's of a woman holding up two halved melons in front of her breasts as a cover for Long Shot. I should have recalled the near total lack of positive responses. I'm like a rat that keeps pushing the same button and getting shocked. Oh well.
My reunion is a mere two weeks away. I'm excited and scared. All of us are old guys and women now. Some of us have grown in wonderful ways and I'm sure some of us are exactly the same. It should be a gas. I'm looking forward to lots of Dave Clark Five and Motown and toasts and mad stupidity.
Meantime I'm almost done my 3rd book and am totally pumped about that. Life is proceeding fast apace. As it should, as it should.

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Jim Maddox said...

Jack, I got the irony and the sarcasm in your post with the woman in hip boots. Men, and some women too, enjoy looking at attractive, scantily clad young ladies. This will go on until we destroy the planet once and for all. It's an ad for calendars, and for as long as I can remember, women have been posing for them, clad or not. Political correctness be damned once and a while. If it was a 12 year old, well then we'd have something to worry about.