Thursday, May 10, 2007

More News

Isn't it funny how you can leave some things out? Did any of you read Henry Adams autobiography? I did. I loved it. Then my friend Mack asked me if I noticed anything. I said, yes, the guy didn't have many girlfriends. Turns out Henry skipped over being married and his wife's suicide.
I forgot to mention in all the rush in my last posting that my CT Scan was approved and I'll be sliding through a tube on Friday to see how large or small my spleen is. Once that's done on May 25th a surgeon will remove my spleen. Hopefully nothing bad will happen.
You might ask how much else I've left out of the story of my life in Wenonah or what's not in my poems. I might tell you.
I might not.
I'm also walking in the New York AIDS walk the Saturday before my surgery. Those of you of a charitable bent are invited to go to the AIDSWalk NY site and find me (John Wiler) and donate in support of my efforts. It's my second walk. I did the first in 2003 in Philadephia.
What else am I leaving out here? I can't remember. Oh well, tomorrow's another day and I'm sure it will come to me.

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