Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mrs. Kaufman's 1st Grade Class 1958


BLT said...


Thanks for putting that photo up on the WWW.

It is a treat to see all those faces again. 31 kids!! But Mrs. Kaufman had no problem keeping folks under control

Here are the kids I am sure of -

Back row
with suspenders - Doug Comer, is that Tim Celen next to Doug?
with bowtie - Gene Seville
on far right end - Jack Wesh

3rd from our left - Eleanor Kavolarich (but I don't know if I spelled that right)
5th from left - Jabby Bowker
7th from left - Margie Loving - light hair with puffy sleeves on her dress
5th from right - Michelle Smith
4th from right - Susan Morison
right end - Susy Parker??

On floor
left end - Johnny Bud
right end - Jack Wiler

That's all I can figure for now.

Other names to consider
Didn't you have a Conover (Tim's sister?)
an Abbott
a Costello
a Contarino
a Marchione

a Linda Haines? - used to live by the lake - house is gone now - she was no relation to Phyllis Haines.

Is that Terry Fleming? The boy nearest to Mrs. Kaufman with his buzz cut blonde head tipped and his cheeks full of air? Is that Ralph Leeds between Terry and Gene Seville?

Is that Dan Brangan on the floor next to you?

Where is Johnny Hinman?

Keith said...

This is great! What I see in this picture is a teacher with incredible handwriting and a poster on the wall that I think may have been in my room as a kid. Gram was amazing. I miss her so much.
Keith Kaufman