Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jack's Blog: First stupid blog

Jack's Blog: First stupid blogWell, today I had the good fortune to talk about flying insects. First flies, then mosquitoes. All insects I can't deal with effectively with pesticides which means I have to convince people that other things are more important.
Removing standing water.
It's way harder than filling up a B&G with a gallon of one kick ass pesticide and spraying the fuck out of the place.
They always look at you like you're retarded.
And retarded I may be.
I also had a chance to show Willa, our dispatcher, one of my new poems.
She seemed to like it.
It's nice when a normal person likes a poem.
You can't trust poets.
They say yes but they mean no.
But regular people are kind of blind sided by poetry so when they like it they use real words that make sense.
Tomorrow cold comes back.
I hate the cold.
I can't wait for Saturday and the Greenmarket and then the Hoboken Studio Tour.
I'll try to post when I'm drunk as a lord Sunday night:)

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